Powered by oxford dictionaries. foursome definition: 1. a group of four persons or things. foursome foursome: created by marissa read, selyna warren.

foursome definition, a company or set of four; two couples; a quartet: to make up a foursome for bridge. scrabble points: 13. andie is on a mission to shake her stigma with the help of her three best friends. foursome: [ noun] a group of four persons or things : quartet. with jenn mcallister, cameron moulène, rickey thompson, meghan falcone. more definitions, origin and scrabble points. a group of four people meeting for a social activity, such as playing a game or having a meal.

the foursome fearing she' ll feel left out tries to hide their hook ups from her, but end up abandoning her when she needs them the most. foursome synonyms, foursome pronunciation, foursome translation, english dictionary definition of foursome. 99 more purchase options. sıvı çamaşır deterjanı. pornoitalyan. a group of four people: " he and his fiancée made a foursome with helen and me" ▪ a golf match between two pairs of players, with partners playing the same ball: " wales led 3– 2 after the morning foursomes"

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